Operating as a husband and wife team, we are known for providing our clients with a personal experience, while creating a combination of stylish, natural and romantic images that documents their special day in a personal way.

“Through our experience, we have found that every wedding and client is different.  Some may require more direction and coaching, while others are more comfortable flowing naturally.  We want to assure you that no matter your style, we are there to document your complete wedding story that will look and feel all your own.  

Please read what some of our clients have to say about us” – Andre and Irene


They were professional and straight forward the whole way through. Andre gets straight to the point, and we honestly appreciated the way he instructed us on what to do, otherwise I don’t think our pictures would have turned out as seamless as they did. Our day was so special to us (obviously), and me being a stressed out bride, I couldn’t remember the small details. I left the wedding day feeling awful because I felt like I missed so much of it. Andre and Irene got our pictures processed, and brought us in to the studio to show them to us. I immediately started crying because they captured everything I missed! Seeing myself in the pictures, it finally brought those details back to my memory, and if you’ve ever been a stressed out bride, you might be able to relate to me.
— Sarah & Michael
The pictures and album that Eye Connoisseur produced for us are spectacular! I am still in awe with the completed wedding album my husband and I received!  We received a 60+ page book with Metallic pages, glass and leather cover, a signature book filled with our engagement pictures, plus two parent albums as well!  The book told the whole story of our entire day! It is so beautiful, almost too beautiful to touch!  Not to mention the briefcase it came in! We love every bit of the finished products we received!! Irene and Andre treated us like family and we are forever grateful for the experience we had during our year of planning our wedding all the way until we received our album! 
— Kamina & Ezra
As a bride, finding a photographer that captured my wedding day in a way that would tell our story for years to come was one of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning. However, after meeting Andre and Irene with Eye Connoisseur I knew I no longer had anything to worry about. With their years of experience and personable service I was content with my decision. The day of the wedding we were running a little behind schedule with getting ready but they came in ready to photograph and turned a stressful situation into a lot of fun. I couldn’t have been happier with the moments they were able to capture during the ceremony and at the reception as well as the quality of their work. I was nearly drawn to tears after seeing the photos fort the first time, it was like I was there all over again. If you are currently searching for a wedding photographer, look no further, Eye Connoisseur, is hands down your best choice.
— Alissa & Cody
Andre and Irene felt like family to us and were just the funnest people to be around, after our wedding our family and friends just kept talking about how great our photographers were and how they really interacted with everyone and made our special night that much more enjoyable. We can’t wait to get our album made because I already know it’s going to be just phenomenal. We couldn’t have asked for a better team and photographer for our big day. Thank you Andre and Irene and I can’t wait to continue to do more photo shoots with you two soon!
— Sierra & Roman
We love Eye Connoisseur! We had a hard time choosing a photographer for our big day because there were just so many talented photographers out there. The one thing that stood out to us when we picked Andre and Irene as our photographers is their personality and professionalism. They have such a fun outgoing personality! They made us feel super comfortable and gave us a lot of confidence in ourselves because neither one of us had taken any professional pictures before. They will treat you like a client and a friend.
— Irene and Robert
They say a picture is worth a thousand words but by choosing Eye Connoisseur Photography, they are worth a million. Eye Connoisseur is unlike any other photography because your pictures and the beautiful story on your wedding day will be unique to you. Andre is the main photographer and has an impressive artistic eye, he loves to live in the moment when taking pictures but will capture the any picture your heart desires and will even capture pictures when you aren’t expecting it. Irene is behind the scenes making sure the details are on point looking fabulous.
— Kaila & Gabriel
AMAZING!!!!!! Andre is an expert at what he does. He treats it like art with his passion for his job. This shows through his work. Irene is so sweet. She is great at answering questions and getting back to you in a reasonable time (like the weekend before the wedding and sending emails back and forth on a Saturday to get a picture for the seating chart that I added last minute). They are the best vendor we used for the wedding. The pictures and albums are beautiful! Everyone who sees it is in awe. I really cannot say enough good things about them. They are worth every penny!!
— Sarah and Jayson