A New Year for Marital Bliss

For some people this is just a new year but for a great many this is 2010 and the year that will join them in marriage forever. In the 80′s many predicted that we would be airborne in flying cars and betrothed in outer space. It’s almost surreal that while we have evolved economically we are still normal people, from all over the world, falling in love.

So where does one start when assembling an occasion that lasts one day but creates a lifetime full of memories? The most important task is booking your location and shortly after, your photographer. Photography is the key to capturing every visual element of your special day. The right photographer will produce photographs that are not only beautiful but literally transport you back to that day. From the aroma that was in the air to the glistening sunshine highlighting your hair; Eye Connoisseur Photography simply possesses those qualities to take you there.

All My Best,

Mia G.

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